About Us


My name is Simone – I’m the owner of Xi and Me. and the mother of a little girl, Xiana.

Shopping for Xiana’s wardrobe when pregnant; and after having her, was always hit and miss. I’d find pieces I’d absolutely love, but then even for the most basic of item – nothing.

I had always liked the idea of dressing her as a little person, rather than a “baby” but I felt the market outside of one particular high street brand, was always a let down for style or colour. I could never find EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Eventually, I took things into my own hands and had a few pieces hand made; and with that, was able to finally have access to what I wanted.

Positive feedback from friends and family encouraged me to develop the idea; and in the hope of potentially helping others, Xi and Me. was born, offering bespoke pieces for your little people – from us.